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All Kawamoto Pianos are graded in accordance to our exclusive condition appraisal.

All our pianos are inspected to the best of our ability.
All Pianos are SOLD IN AS-IS condition.

Each and every Kawamoto Piano is checked, inspected and rated by our professional expert as follows:
* Grade SS – For new Pianos, or as new (no scratches or dents, ready to use away)
* Grade S – For Pianos in excellent condition (some minor scratches may appear but Pianos are in perfect condition)
* Grade A – For Pianos in very good condition (some scratches and dents may appear but in good working order)
* Grade B – For Pianos in good average condition (some scratches and dents may appear but parts may require a good tune up before use over long distances)
* Grade C – For Pianos in poor condition (body work and action work will be required)
* Grade D – For accident damaged Pianos (sold in as is condition and will require complete repair jobs at buyers own cost).


Thank you for your understanding.
Unfortunately we are unable to reserve Pianos at this stage. To enable fairness to all our clients we have had to adopt a, “First come first served Policy”.

Once we receive your payment we will secure the Piano for you. If you are interested in any of our pianos, please contact us for availability. We recommend this as the best and most reliable way to secure the Piano of your choice.



The Kawamoto Piano Service process can be summaries as follows:

1. Confirmation of payment of Telegraphic Transfer (TT) by fax.
2. Next, we wait for your payment to arrive to our bank account where our accounts department will verify your payment. Depending on your bank payments can take up to 5-7 working days. Please ask you bank for their international remittance time frames.
3. After verification of funds, our sales team will process your file and then the process is move to our shipping department.
4. Next our shipping department will then contact all shipping companies for space and availability regarding shipping your Piano.
5. After shipping company has confirmed space for your Piano, all documentation will be also prepared and shipping and sailing information will be sent to you.
7. After the ship carrying your Piano has departed all the original documentation will be couriered to your PHYSICAL ADDRESS.


1. Who will be dealing with the shipping of my piano?

KAWAMOTO PIANO SERVICE Corporation deals with some of the largest and most reliable Pianos carriers sailing from Japan on a very tight, but frequent sailing schedules.
Our professional shipping personnel will arrange with the appropriate shipping lines to carry your Piano safely to your nearest port.

2. How do I release my Piano from local customs?

You should consult with a local clearing/customs agent in your region to assist with clearing your Piano from your local port. We recommend you compare services and prices with two or three agents in your local area.
3. How do I find out about importing regulations in my region?
We recommend you contact the local customs department for up to date changes in the import regulations (if any) of used Japanese Pianos.

4. What will be the time of delivery?

Delivery of Pianos depends on the destination. The shipping companies have different schedules for each port. Some longer than others.
We can check stock availability for you. If the piano is still available we can reserve the piano in order for you to make the payment.

We suggest this as the best way to secure the piano of your choice
if you need any further assistance,

Please contact us and we will try assist you the best we can.

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